This afternoon I was a very lucky man indeed. Through a friend I got to go to Cirque Du Soleil’s show KURIOS for the second time. Did I see any of the actual live performance? Not really. That’s because I was lucky enough to be sitting in the warm up area watching the performers warm up, stretch and get themselves ready while we also watched the show on a screen backstage.

One of the performers who I got to see warming up was the incredible Andrii Bondarenko. He’s a hand-balancer that I’ve been following on Instagram for a couple of years. My lord the man is incredible at his art. I’ve seen many hand-balance acts but he is the most rock solid talented that I’ve seen. When he is on his hands he is in complete control of his body.

Even balancing on one hand, he is perfectly stable. While balancing on one hand he can twist and turn his body in all sorts of ways that yours and mine wouldn’t even do without having to focus on balance.

These performers are such an inspiration. They put their bodies through so much but they love what they do and wouldn’t change it. I sat there watching the show and the warm ups with a stupid grin on my face today, just loving the skill that these people have. What a privilege.