In this post #metoo era men have been forced to reevaluate their behaviour and for some guys that has been really confronting. Some refuse to admit there is a problem but thankfully there are a lot of guys who are very much aware of bad behaviour and want no part of it.

On the weekend I was officiating at a wedding and all the guests were there early because there had been another jewish ceremony that precedes the wedding a couple of hours earlier. So this big group of people had been there for a couple of hours catching up and socialising. Most of them were about the age of 30 and I have to say I saw some great modern male behaviour.

All of the guys were giving each other big genuine hugs when they saw each other. None of this uptight side hug bullshit. Back when I was a member of the surf life saving club my mates and I would shake hands every time we saw each other in that old school posturing kind of way which always felt oddly formal to me.

If you are a good friend of mine, you’ll get a hug and probably a kiss hello and goodbye. Sure, people like my very traditional brother in law don’t get hugs but that’s fine. Not everyone is comfortable with hugs from other guys and I get it but watching all these straight guys on the weekend being very comfortable in their masculinity was fantastic.