Today I performed the last wedding of the year. The wedding today was an unusual one for me in that I barely had to do anything during the actual ceremony.

A lot of we wedding celebrants become celebrants to do the wedding for friends. It happens all the time. Considering the time and money that goes into it, a lot of us continue doing it for a while. The wedding couple today had a friend doing exactly that. Unfortunately due to timing she wasn’t qualified in time so she couldn’t legally do the ceremony.

That’s where I came in. I did the paperwork and the little legally required parts of the ceremony and she did all the fun parts. I have to say she did a great job. The crowd was a great one and I know they are going to be having a great party. They were all primed and ready to go and in the mood.

Now, I only have three weddings booked next year at this stage so I need to update website etc and get some new business in. Time to advertise in the nudist magazines too I think.