Growing up I always thought I’d do the traditional thing and get married and have kids. I always thought I’d be a good dad. Then when I came out at 25 it seemed like all that was taken off the table. Gay marriage wasn’t legal and gay men using surrogates just wasn’t a thing 20 years ago. Not to the extent it is now anyway.

Now times have changed a lot. There are options for gay men that want to have kids but that ship has definitely sailed for me. I’m too old, too single and definitely not in a financial position to have kids. To be honest my life is great the way it is and I can’t even imagine having a dog at this point. My niece and nephew are amazing and now in their mid/late teens we can have really good conversations, go on adventures and have a great laugh and there is no financial responsibility for them.

Last night some friends of mine (a straight couple) had their first child after years of trying and eventually using IVF. Mother and baby are happy and healthy. I can’t wait to meet the little one and when I got the message this morning I was at the gym and got teary having seen the struggles and then the sickness and tiredness etc that goes with pregnancy and knowing how much they were both looking forward to the baby.

My clucky nature makes a comeback when I get to hold a beautiful Bub but as soon as it needs a change or it starts screaming, that novelty wears off.