With the advent of Onlyfans and Justforfans, it seems like half the world is delving into the world of amateur porn and I have full respect for the people willing to put themselves out there like that. I’m a fan of pics and videos while having sex but it’s not my priority. The actual event is the priority. Sometimes I like to take pics etc just to prove that I have had some action this year.

There are two things for certain, if you are running an onlyfans page of yourself and your exploits you are one, having a lot more sex than I am and two, you have a lot more time on your hands to chase people to record with, record it and edit it. Way too exhausting for me.

I have some questions though. Like making any passion a career or money making exercise, does it take some of the fun out of it having to hustle so much? As they say, a bad blow job is still a blow job but man, sometimes there must be times where you are sick or exhausted and just can’t be bothered jerking off for the camera but to keep your subscribers happy, you just have to.

Keep up the hard work guys. It’s always fun to admire your handywork.