This blog has been going for 14 years now and while it’s readership has diminished greatly since it’s heyday I still come across people who read it or have read it in the past. Over those 14 years I’ve shared and probably overshared details of my life. With that comes the fact that people who are strangers or relatively unknown to me form opinions on my life and how I live it which is perfectly fine. The statement “Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business” is how I try and operate but that can be tough.

It becomes impossible when people feel the need to give me their opinion. Last night I had a comment from someone I barely know, on a post on my photography instagram page. The comment was on a photo that I’m very pleased with and it just said “This is why you’re single B” followed by a patronising love heart emoji as if the commenter hadn’t just touched on a sensitive topic that I don’t want his opinion on. Nor did the comment have anything to do with my photo.

The only two options I could see in the context and content of the comment were that firstly, he thought that maybe I expect to meet and date someone who looks like my models. Those guys are all 10 – 20 years younger than me and way hotter. No. I’ll be very happy with a regular Joe just like me thank you. Alternatively he may have been suggesting that my photography may intimidate potential romantic partners. Does he think I should abandon a passion of mine that I think I have some decent talent for? This isn’t Disney. I’m not changing everything I am to please a man. I’d be happier alone than giving up all my loves.

This comment came from someone who like me had been single and I suspect lonely for quite a while but a couple of years ago started seeing someone. Immediately he became part of the smug “I’m validated because I have a partner” crowd. I genuinely hope he is happy but I don’t need his advice because he doesn’t have any insider knowledge on my life or the reason I’m single.