Blond beefcake William Ryan Watson has all the makings of a Hollywood heartthrob. He first got out attention by showing off his massive muscular chest in The Dooms Chapel Horror. His bare chest glistening in the sun and his biceps absolutely bulging…he looks like a sexy Hulk with peachy skin that we want to touch a lot. 

William has decided that was just an appetiser and is delivering ALL the goods in Tennessee Gothic. Tennessee Gothic is a comedy-horror about a widower and his teen son who take in a woman on their farm looking for a safe haven. William Ryan Watson stars as the hot “teen” son. 

He definitely looks like a man when he takes everything off to get naked with this mysterious farm girl. We see William’s willy when he undresses and chases her around. The hottest stuff comes when he gets out of his overalls in the barn and goes for a literal roll in the hay. This movie sure does have a lot to Tennessee!

It’s funny how strong people’s opinions are about gingers. A female friend of mine has a pathological aversion to them to the extent that she struggles to be nice to ginger kids that she doesn’t know. William is doing pretty good things to help their cause, I have to say.