For the first time in a while I have had no real plans this weekend and it has been exactly the relaxed weekend I needed. I didn’t have any photo shoots planned, and no real obligations.

I have watched a lot of YouTube, edited my holiday photos finally and just relaxed. There were things I was supposed to do in the realm of life admin but not all of them got done, and I’m fine with that.

Last night I had one of those perfect relaxed nights full of laughter spent with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece. We ate delicious food, played a card game that I lost spectacularly at and laughed a lot. It’s nights like last night that remind me just how lucky I am to have a family that gets on so well.

Today I had a message from a friend which resulted in a fairly impromptu catch up for a smoothie and wander through a park catching up and tonight I’ve had an early, easy dinner with friends. It’s been perfect.

Now, the last few nights haven’t been good nights’ sleep for various reasons so tonight will be an early night so I feel refreshed and ready to hit the gym in the morning and be prepared for another busy week at work.