My twitter feed is not a feed I can generally look at in public. I’ve made the mistake of opening it up on the train to work before quickly shutting it down. I follow a lot of porn models on there. I completely understand that porn stars have to project a cocky, confident persona. It’s their business.

There are also a lot of amateur guys I know or follow who do a bit of the same thing. One guy that I’ve photographed, has never done any full frontal photos, but he has a good size cock and it feels like there is a lot of emphasis on the size of his bulge all the time. There is so much talk about the size of his cock and I find it weird. This guy has so much more to offer and I’m sure a lot of the guys showing their stuff on onlyfans do as well.

It frustrates me. I was brought up in a family that values integrity, hard work and being a good person and it just doesn’t sit comfortably with me to be boasting about something that was just luck anyway. The internet isn’t the real world so maybe I should just shut up and enjoy the show.