I went to last night’s speed dating with very low expectations. If you go in not expecting much you aren’t likely to be disappointed right? Putting too much pressure on the situation never helps so going to chat to new people and hopefully have a laugh was all I expected.

Over all I met about 20 guys and had a really good time. There were guys I just didn’t have anything much to talk about with and there was no chemistry but with others we shared some good banter and a few laughs even if there was no real romantic or attraction vibe.

We all wore a number on our chest and if we liked someone we ticked their numbered box on our form that we were given. At the end of the night if we both ticked each other, we were sent their phone number in a text later in the evening. To my pleasant surprise I had three matches. One in particular I was very surprised by. He was only 25 and I ticked him because I thought he was interesting, easy to chat to and obviously I found him attractive. I certainly wouldn’t have expected a 25 year old to find me attractive though.

We will see if anything comes of any of the matches. I’ve been chatting to one of the guys over text and we are catching up for a coffee on the weekend. Let’s see what happens.