Back in December last year I had clicked on a Facebook ad and found myself at a gay speed dating event. Nearly 11 months later to the day, I’m about to go to another one. This one is run by a different group and instead of being matched with a selection of the guys (no idea what the criteria was) I believe we get to meet all the guys at the event.

Does that raise the odds of me meeting someone, statistically I guess but in reality who the hell knows. I’ve been complaining about how I’m struggling to meet people so I have to do something to shake it up.

According to the email I received after registering, they are starting with a rose ceremony a la Bachelor where we give someone we want to meet first a rose. That sounds absolutely awkward as hell but let’s see how it pans out.

I will no doubt be messaging a friend live updates throughout the night. Stay tuned kids. I’ll post about the evening and hopefully at least have a few entertaining stories from it.