Not so long ago I posted that I was keen to pose for an artist. The creative process is fascinating to me and it is always fun to see other creative people working and maybe learn a few things along the way.

There is an artist here in Sydney who does some really beautiful illustrative drawings and paintings. We chatted on instagram (@frozenvepar) and next weekend I’ll be posing for him. He seems like a really cool guy and he’s coming to my house which will be great. Being in my own comfortable space while being drawn is a much less intimidating than being in a stranger’s house. Not that I’d really have a problem with that in general.

Part of the appeal of doing this is to try and see myself as other people do. We as insecure human beings are prone to being very critical of ourselves and I’ve thought for a long time that a lot of gay men suffer from body dysmorphia to an extent. Maybe it’s a bit healthy to get a reality check and see what other people see.