As a society we have become obsessed with celebrity and if you look at the fandoms of pop stars, NO ONE is allowed to criticise your favourite. It’s kinda terrifying.

With social media giving us more access to our celebrities than ever before, we feel like we know them. One group of celebrities that get a wild amount of fans is that of porn stars. I’ve interacted with porn stars online and in an era when porn makes less and less money, keeping their fans on side is a crucial part of their income.

There is one porn performer that I have known through friends for several years now and every time I see him online, it makes me mad. He was in Sydney a year or so ago and flaked on myself and three other photographers. He’s unprofessional, borderline illiterate and also a bit of a compulsive liar. Every time I see a fan say how amazing he is I want to correct them, but that would just make me look like a bitter asshole.

Sadly I am pretty good at holding a bit of a grudge and I know I should just let it go but he so consistently annoys me that it makes it hard. A friend recently hooked up with him and has a sneaking suspicion he’s been filmed for the porn performer’s onlyfans without permission.

Beware false idols I say. Have your celebrity crushes and those you admire but no one is ever as perfect as they project on social media.