Twenty years ago today, that was the night that I came out to my parents. It wasn’t my choice with my sister forcing my hand which is something she has apologised for many times over the years.

We were living together and she had known for a month or so and wasn’t coping not being able to talk to Mum and Dad about it. Sadly the only reason we had to both be visiting our parents and tell them was my Dad’s birthday. So yes, on my father’s birthday 20 years ago, after a lovely meal out with family friends to celebrate, I came out.

I had come out to myself and progressively to my friends in the six months leading up to the family announcement and it all went largely without a hitch. It’s a shame I had to do it on my dad’s birthday but these things happen.

To think that it was so very long ago, nearly half my life, is amazing to me. You’d think I’d have managed a few more boyfriends in that time, or maybe one long-term one.