Today was a glorious sunny day for most of the day. My normal Saturday gym plans weren’t on as my gym buddies for our Saturday shredder class were out of town so I had a good few hours to use how I saw fit this morning.

After coming back from Europe about 6 weeks ago, we haven’t had any beach weather so after a yummy breakfast off I went to my nearest nude beach to top up my fading Euro-tan and re-charge my solar panels.

The tide was well and truly on it’s way in so I grabbed a spot on the rocks away from the rising tide. I only had a couple of hours to play with but I relaxed, reading a book in the sun with my junk out on a beautiful day. It was a great start to the day.

Sadly as I was getting ready to leave I noticed that a fair few of the people now on the crowded beach were in speedos. I will never understand the compulsion to go to a nude beach and not get nude. Take the plunge people.