Back in the day, Big Brother Australia had an “up late” show once a week where they showed all the stuff they couldn’t show in the Prime Time slot. It’s where we got to see housemates in the shower, talking sex and generally misbehaving a bit more.

We haven’t had Big Brother here for several years even after a couple of attempts at rebooting that just didn’t work. The people going on it were much more about fame than the initial housemates who had no idea what was going to happen.

It’s been announced that Big Brother is coming back, on a different station and in a new house. The old house is sitting in ruins in it’s old location. When it was announced I got a smile at the thought of some of the housemates and their absolute shamelessness. Would I shower naked on tv? Who knows. It wouldn’t surprise me but I hope I’d have a bit more to offer than that.

One housemate that has appeared on this blog before, many years ago and who had plenty to offer in the nudity department was Jamie. Not sure how smart he was but visually, you can see his appeal.