I’m a few days late on this one but last Friday was the 42nd birthday of Mr Matt Bomer. It’s no wonder he’s one of the most searched actors on Mr. Man the website, the man is about as handsome as it’s possible to be.

On this birthday let’s take a look at Matt Boner’s hottest nude moments! We mean Matt Bomer. (We mean Matt Boner.)

It’s interesting that Matt Bomer’s birthday falls on National Coming Out Day, because his bravery in coming out in Hollywood was an inspiration for gay youths, as well as other closeted actors. In 2011 Bomer married Simon Halls, his publicist, and the sickeningly adorable couple now have three adorable children.

Thankfully Matt takes time away from challenging Hollywood stereotypes and being a real life DILF to strip down for his roles, and we’ve you can check out his hottest scenes below! Bomer will put the magic in your mic! 

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