Music is something that can polarise people but it’s very rare for people to feel nothing when they hear music. It has the power to really move people and some artists just resonate with us. One of the artists I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by is Harry Styles. The former One Direction member has always walked to the beat of his own drum and his solo work shows a maturity that was unexpected from a boy band member.

His first (self titled) album was very much influenced by the 70’s and people like the Rolling Stones and Bowie. Harry has just released “Lights Up” a new single which isn’t as obviously 70’s but it’s not the formulaic rubbish of most stars his age at the moment. Yes I realise that makes me sound very old.

Harry also makes some bold fashion choices reminiscent of Bowie and Jagger and in this video he also throws in some shirtless, sweaty party group grinding, both male and female. He’s not afraid of his androgyny, nor does he bother with any fragile masculinity rubbish.

I’m looking forward to more of this album dropping soon!