One of my friends who came to my birthday lunch brought his new boyfriend along. They’ve been hanging out for a few months but it’s recently become an official thing and I have to say the guy is lovely.

My friend is one of life’s really genuinely great people. Like everyone he has his down periods but I don’t know many other people as open, giving, supportive, enthusiastic and genuine as this guy so to see him happy, looking adoringly at a guy who gives all that good stuff right back to him is fantastic to see.

Like me, my mate has been single for quite a while but unlike me, fairly contently so. As far as I’m aware he doesn’t struggle with singledom the way I do. At least if he does, he keeps it to himself.

The new boyfriend is only new to the rainbow side of the fence so I hope he doesn’t hurt my friend or anything but looking at them together I don’t think he will. Sure, I’ve only met the boyfriend for a few hours yesterday but they were one of those couples that you just look at and think, yeah, that makes sense. It’s a beautiful thing.