October 7, 1973 I came screaming (I presume) into the world 8 weeks early at the tiny little size of 4lb 1.5oz, or 1.85kg. It doesn’t seem like that has had any negative effect on my life at all and some would say I’ve never been late for a damned thing in my life.

Last year on my birthday I decided that birthdays were a good time to tick off sexual fantasies or just be a bit sexually indulgent. Last year’s fantasy was fantastic and no I’m still not going to say what it was.

Yesterday I decided to go and slut it up at the sauna. I had thought on a long weekend here in Australia that it would be busy but it wasn’t. There was definitely some fun to be had but there weren’t the options that there would have been had it been busy. Saunas are so hit and miss. You can be popular one day and on no-one’s radar the next. As I get older, obviously I’m on less people’s wish list than when I was younger but I still had my fun.

Today is going to be spent having a low key morning at home before meeting friends at the pub for a lunch to celebrate my birthday with too many drinks, pub food and many many laughs.