When I find out that not everyone has seen a Cirque Du Soleil show I have to remind myself that not everyone is into that stuff or not everyone has the opportunity to see them.

On Wednesday night Kurios started here in Sydney and I was lucky enough to be given two free tickets by a friend who works for Cirque and as usual, I was absolutely blown away. There is just an incredible level of detail and artistic flair to their shows and this one was no different in that regard.

Usually juggling leaves me a bit underwhelmed but the guy juggling in this show was excellent and the act itself was interesting and creatively done. There is a trampoline act that made me laugh, stunned me and made me want to run away to the circus.

Everyone in the audience was smiling from ear to ear on the way out of the tent and you don’t get that with many experiences. I wonder if I’d be better at circus if I’d started earlier instead of 33. I think as I get a couple of days from 46 years old that I’ve left it too late to run away with Cirque. Do they need a photographer?