The world tells you to stop looking for Mr Right and he’ll come along when you’re least expecting it. Then they ask you every time you catch up whether you’ve met anyone. That makes it pretty damn hard to stop looking.

They say do the things you love and you’ll meet him that way. I do all the things I love and I haven’t had a hint of meeting someone. They say maybe you’re too busy and you don’t have the room in your life for him so you need to make room. Didn’t you just tell me to do what I love? Or am I only supposed to do bits of it?

Get off the apps they say. Go and meet people in the real world. So I go out to a party I was invited to and meet a nice guy. He’s not interested though. Stop thinking about a boyfriend and go get laid. Didn’t you just tell me to get off the apps if I want to meet a boyfriend?

Dating is hard. Trying to find someone to date is even harder. Being single can be fun but being single can suck as well. There is so much advice from people who just happened to meet someone by chance and there are so many people in relationships they don’t deserve. I really do wish I was just a heartless slut at times.