Over the past few weeks I’ve been to two gallery openings of friends of mine, fellow photographers of men here in Sydney. It’s got me thinking about working towards another exhibition at some stage.

I really liked having the two gallery exhibitions that I’ve had in 2011 and 2013. The process of shooting for the third exhibition “Tribe” was just as fun even if the exhibition was held in the virtual realm of twitter. Maybe it’s time for another one?

Yesterday I was receiving emails from someone who loves my work and is seriously crushing on a couple of my models. He threw out an idea that was vaguely along the lines of an idea I’ve had myself. He suggested that my 100th download should be a download full of self portraits. There may have been an almost demand that I go full frontal which I know was meant well but that will be entirely up to me. We will have to wait and see if I have the emotional courage to do a single self portrait, let alone enough for a download.

The ideas are bouncing around in my head and bubbling away though and I don’t hate either idea, the exhibition or self portraits.