After releasing nearly 80 downloads (#80 is a special one this coming weekend) I haven’t worked out which ones will sell well and which ones won’t, apart from the ones that have erotic content. You guys are all thirsty for cock apparently.

When I released NIKO a few weeks ago I thought it would sell a lot, partly because Niko is such a beautiful human but also because he has a great following on Instagram. Turns out I was wrong. That download didn’t sell particularly well.

Fingers crossed you all like this one. The same day I photographed Niko for the fabric shoot, we did this second series where I stuck coloured beads to him. For me, both shoots worked well with Niko’s look and his career. Up until very recently, he’s been performing in Aladdin in London’s West End which if you’ve seen it, is a show covered in sparkly costumes and bold colours. Now he’s just started with a new show which I believe is a bit less sparkly.

If you want to buy BEADED or NIKO, or any of the other downloads please click here and enjoy!