The number of models that I’ve worked with now over the years is getting pretty high. Especially in the last two years the number of shoots I’ve done has been more than ever before. Thankfully I have had very few problems with models.

There have been a couple of missed shoots due to missed flights or alarms not going off which isn’t fun but every time the model has been very apologetic. Thankfully the number of models throwing tantrums or being very difficult could be counted easily on one hand out of the many many models I’ve photographed.

Today was another great one. We’d had to reschedule the shoot because of a missed flight last time but this time he was in town, ready and willing and also just a very lovely guy and great to work with. I have a cheeky sense of humour and a model that is ready with a joke or a laugh is the kind of model I love to work with. The process shouldn’t be difficult or overly serious.

Hopefully I’ll be able to start editing these shots in the next few days! I think you’ll love them.