Talent shows serve up a lot of the same, time after time. Yes there are some amazing performers out there but it takes a lot to stand out these days, even for me who gets teary at the drop of a hat when someone does well.

Australia’s Got Talent has been on and off the air over the years with different hosts, different judges and different levels of success. For some reason they dragged it back out of the storage vault again this year with a professional chef as one of the judges. A video I saw today blew me away.

There are iconic songs that you just don’t mess with and “You’re the voice” by John Farnham is one of those to most Australian’s. I even heard it in a German movie many years ago wondering how the hell did this end up in this movie? Today’s video showed me that sometimes it’s just plain awesome to mess with an iconic song.

Mitch Tambo is an Australian Aboriginal singer who has mixed this song up to incorporate native language and done it absolutely spectacularly. What a beautiful voice and a great version of the song.