Bodybuilding has a reputation of hyper masculinity, tough alpha guys with bodies to die for. But is that the reality?

The bodybuilder look is just too big for my personal tastes. It’s such an exaggerated version of the human body and sure they can lift heavy things up and down but can they actually use their bodies in any practical, athletic way?

That’s not what this post is about though. Do the bodybuilders realise just how homoerotic the sport is? Sure, there are plenty of gay bodybuilders but do the straight guys realise how gay it is? A bunch of guys stand around in a gym paying such close scrutiny to each other’s bodies. The separation of the heads of the deltoids in the shoulder, the abs, the glutes, the whole thing. They are all staring intently at each other’s bodies. Then comes time for competition. The speedos are damn tiny and some guys even go to a g-string these days. See the video below.

Maybe I’m not giving them enough credit and they are actually really evolved and at ease with their masculinity to the point where they can help each other apply the stupidly dark tan stuff for the competition in all the nooks and crannies. Or maybe they just don’t get how super homoerotic it can look.