Cock rings and piercings have never really been something that turns me on. I’ve worn cock rings but ultimately find them very uncomfortable. There was also the scare the first time I tried one and realised that it (a metal one) was slightly too small and I thought my dick was going to drop off.

While I was on holiday and staying at the gay guesthouse in Portugal, one of the other guests was wearing a ring just around his scrotum. I don’t think he was trying to stretch it but rather just enjoyed the weight of it, from what he told me. It was a very chunky heavy ring that fastened with a magnet.

After chatting to him and his boyfriend I decided to try it on. Remember this was at the bar and next to the pool with a bunch of other naked gay men around. Obviously no one is shy in that situation but it felt quite naughty and exhibitionistic. The guy who owned the ring had spectacularly large low hanging balls. Amazing. The weight of the ring on my scrotum was intriguing and not at all unpleasant. Obviously I’m not going to be going running or horse riding with it on but I think I could enjoy wearing something like that from time to time.