Wandering the nude beaches and nude campgrounds of Europe as I have just done and wish I was still doing, the chance to have a look was not lost on me. I know the “purist” nudies would say that people don’t look but I say they are lying. It would be surprising if even the straight men didn’t compare themselves to all the other guys swinging around.

Not only did I realise that I was pretty much the only circumcised man around but I had the chance to check out the grooming habits that are going on as well. I was quite surprised to find that the vast majority of guys, of all ages, are going the fully smooth option. I am very partial to a smooth guy but the fact that it was such a popular option surprised me.

If guys weren’t doing the completely shaved look they were pretty much doing nothing apart from maybe keeping the balls clean and tidy. Yep it was a full bush or nothing. Even the teenage boys were doing some grooming. There was a German guy about 16 with his family at the second campground and he wasn’t completely smooth but he was very closely trimmed. I didn’t hear about grooming until I was about 26 when my second boyfriend made a comment. He wasn’t critical but looking back he should have been. The poor guy had probably picked a lot of hair out of his teeth.