It’s pretty much exactly one week since I landed back in Sydney, give or take 30 minutes or so. If I said I had settled back in seamlessly would be a lie. Of course there are no major problems at all it’s just those post holiday blues.

Last week I was lucky enough to come back to nice weather but over the weekend the temperature in Sydney dropped back to wintery temperatures and cold winds which is a bit rude after a month of 30 degrees (86F). Add to that the fact that my work would definitely frown upon me turning up nude even if it was warm and it’s taking some adjusting.

What’s the best way to remedy that holiday come-down? Plan another holiday! Sure, my bank balance cannot cope with another trip for a long time to come, definitely not one of that size anyway. So I’ve been chatting with some mates and we are looking at a two week adventure in just over a year’s time.

I’m going back to my plan of aiming for a domestic adventure in the year between international adventures. All going to plan we are looking at doing a road trip up the West coast of Australia from Perth to Broome. At the minimum it’s looking like three of us and thank goodness, those mates are as prone to running around nude as I am, well nearly.

We’ve got over a year to work out the details but I need this to look forward to.