Before I went to Europe I was lucky enough to photograph a couple of guys who wanted to do a seriously raunchy photo shoot. One of them had to remain anonymous because of a job situation but the other one @_aussielatino didn’t mind. When they pitched the idea to me, they hadn’t yet hooked up but they did soon after and reassured me the chemistry was there.

On the day there was very little direction given by me. We just had to make sure the other model wasn’t identifiable and that I wasn’t reflected in the mirror. To say that this is the most graphic shoot I’ve ever done would be accurate. It’s a little too close to blatant porn for my tastes in terms of where I want my photography to go but I don’t really have a problem with it.

If you want to buy HOOKUP, the full download, click here. It’s definitely worth it. Trying to find images that I can promote it on Instagram with is a challenge!