We all know that I’m a sucker for a man I can’t have. A couple of days ago, via a youtube video I discovered a new crush. Celebrity crushes are harmless in my opinion so I’m just going to revel in this one.

Ross Edgley is a British fitness expert and a bit of a lunatic. He’s taken it upon himself to try and push the boundaries of the human body. He’s done a marathon length “run” while pulling a car. He did an Olympic distance “Tree-athlon”, that is a triathlon while carrying a 100lb piece of a tree. Early last year he became the first person to swim around the United Kingdom taking 157 days to do it without setting foot on land. His tongue was falling apart due to the salt water, he was repeatedly stung on the face by jellyfish and took twice as long as they’d initially estimated.

He is definitely not the typical build for a swimmer but that’s what he’s best known for. The body on this man is incredible but the thing that got me hooked was his smile and his enthusiasm for life. I discovered him in this video with Nile Wilson and even though he ripped his hands apart he was just laughing and smiling his enormous big grin.

Check out his Instagram and his Youtube for more smiling and inspiration, as well as that delicious body and amazing skin!