Coming home to your own bed, your own shower and all your familiar surroundings after an amazing holiday is fantastic. Sure you may want to still be running around on holiday seeing new things but all holidays come to an end.

After landing at 8pm on Tuesday night, I was in bed asleep by 10:00 and had ten hours sleep. My day off yesterday was great. I got all the washing done and did other bits and pieces thinking I was back on track and straight into the routine with a good nights sleep under my belt. Then I went to bed last night.

I briefly woke up just after midnight but managed to go back to sleep for a whole two hours. From about 2:30am I never really got back to sleep so today was a real challenge for my first day back to work. In the past I don’t ever recall having the jet lag that keeps you awake at weird hours of the night. I usually sleep through the night but then hit a wall in the afternoon. Not this time. It was killing me last night.

Tonight I’m going to go to bed relatively early, take a couple of mild sleeping tablets and see if I can get a good night of sleep.