It is the tail end of my last non-travel day of this trip. Tomorrow morning I will clean the camper van and re-pack my suitcase ready for a short drive to return the van then head to the airport for the first leg of the trip home.

Today has been the perfect end to the holiday. It was spent on and in the amazing crystal clear water of Cala Gonone in the north east of Sardinia on a boat tour with a group of lovely Italians and Brazilians.

I’m not going to lie. This trip has proven challenging and amazing at times. Thankfully the amazing has outweighed the challenging. There have been lessons learnt on this trip, including pick countries that are next to each other next time and also to remember that time alone can be tough but it can be just as rewarding. 

I have spent over three weeks soaking up a multitude of languages and yes, some are easier to listen to than others. I have barely heard any native English speakers on this trip and that is a great thing. I have soaked up plenty of sunshine. It’s a joke with my friends and I that I’m solar powered. I just haven’t worked out where the solar panel is yet so that’s why I get nude so much, just to make sure it’s charged up.

This trip has provided things for me to blog about for a while. Things that have made me think and funny observations I’ve made along the way. Now it’s time to go have a delicious Sardinian meal and a beer or two