After three nights of camping in nudist campgrounds in Corsica this weekend and a few nights in a gay clothing optional guesthouse in Portugal a couple of weeks ago I am definitely in the minority.

Officially a minority means you are outnumbered. I’m not only outnumbered, I’m the sole example of a circumcised male that I’ve seen in Europe this trip. I’m pretty sure all the cocks I saw in the guesthouse in Portugal were uncut. There were definitely no circumcised cocks at the campgrounds.

I must admit I had a bit of foreskin envy. Sure not all foreskins, like penises, are created equal but on the whole I think I’d like one. To me they look like something else to play with. They also visually add some extra length and girth at the tip. Not a bad thing really.

There will be a few posts coming up about nudism, penises and Europe in general. Maybe not until I get back. We’ll see. I’ve really settled into a groove now. If you follow my personal Instagram, you’ll see I’m pretty chilled.

At the suggestion of a friend, here’s my Instagram for those that don’t follow.