To say I had frustrations in Portugal would be an understatement but to say I really enjoyed myself would also be an understatement. Was it my favourite place in the world? No. But I still highly recommend it.

The rest of my time spent in Lisbon was great. Seeing the historical sites, the touristy sites, eating many Pastel De Nata (Portuguese tarts) and walking for miles. It’s a great city.

Getting down to the Algarve was a bit of a nightmare. One train was all booked up so I had to wait four hours for the next one which was then delayed so I missed the connection. All in all a 4 hour change of city ended up being 10 but these things happen.

Staying at a gay clothing optional guesthouse was a good choice. No there were no guests who were my type but I met some lovely guys, two of whom are moving back to Australia soon, and had a very relaxing and often naked couple of days. Heaven! Of course there were also hassles getting back to Lisbon to fly out but I made it and am now safely ensconced and happy in Slovenia!