The last time I flew to Europe going to Iceland it took something like 40 hours door to door and I vowed never again. I should have listened to myself. Something like 36 hours after leaving Sydney I arrived in Lisbon, excessively tired, quite emotional and missing my luggage.

The tiredness has passed after a good night’s sleep last night which some would see as a Saturday night wasted in Lisbon. The emotions have still been up and down over the still missing luggage. The anger and frustration have passed and I’m into resignation. Whatever happens will happen. That’s what travel insurance is for. I’ve bought some clothes at H&M (fast fashion is good for emergencies) and I’m enjoying Lisbon.

Yesterday was spent catching up with an old friend who is living here with his partner. They cooked me lunch and took me to the gay nude beach. We are truly spoilt for beaches in Sydney I know and that makes it hard to be objective about other beaches. It was so windy there but we had a couple of nice hours.

Today I’ve taken myself off for some culture, visiting the (quite touristy) town of Sintra and exploring the castle and beautiful little side streets. Of course eating in a town like that you expect to be taken advantage of a little and I think I was but it was tasty food. I decided it was time to sample some (delicious) Portuguese Tarts as well. Yum. There are more in my future.

Blogging will still be sporadic while travelling but I’ll do my best.