If you watch the Personal Trainers and fitness model crowd on YouTube or Instagram, they’ll tell you that everyone can look like them with the right nutrition and workout discipline. To an extent that’s true but there are some people who just haven’t scored very well in the genetic lottery and could never look like those people, ever.

My replacement at work for while I’m on holiday came in for a handover yesterday and, well he wasn’t very lucky genetically. I would also say that he isn’t an active person and wouldn’t be no matter what. From what he said he’s very introverted and stays indoors watching tv a lot.

It makes me feel very lucky that, despite my own issues with my body which we all have, I did ok in the genetic department and a very active lifestyle growing up has let to a relatively good base shape for my body. Sure that’s changing over the years and I wouldn’t mind going back in time and instilling a bit more discipline in my youth but that’s all too late now.

One of my colleagues asked the freelancer if he was into travel and I must admit, guiltily that I didn’t see him travelling much because he would struggle to fit in a seat on a plane and he wouldn’t walk very far so sightseeing would be tough.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here but I guess the message is be the best you can be, do the work you are inclined to do but don’t aim for something you’ll never achieve.