In the week and a half since I finished my gym transformation challenge I haven’t been as disciplined as I was on the challenge. Thankfully when I’m on holidays I tend to lose a little weight with all the walking and by eating healthy, delicious local food. Sure there will no doubt be a fair few beers along the way but I think I’ll be ok.

One thing I don’t do when I’m travelling generally is work out. Maybe this trip I’ll have to incorporate something as simple as push ups and squats each day, just to keep myself going in the right direction instead of stalling.

If I get my wish to stay in the nude campgrounds in Corsica then maybe those workouts will be on the beach of a morning. How good would that be!?

I have two more mornings at the gym before I head off so I’m going to make the most of those before I sit on planes and in airports etc for something like 36 hours.