I’ve been fairly open on this blog about how little sex I have an that it’s the part of my life with the most insecurities. It’s something that takes work to improve and I’m trying to do that.

Funnily enough, the anxiety decreases when I’m on holidays. Obviously there are some insecurities still there but when you’re on holiday, life doesn’t get in the way. At home during “real life” I’ll get a message from someone on Grindr at 9.45pm on a Tuesday and all I can think is “Don’t these people work tomorrow?” Maybe I don’t prioritise it enough but in some ways I don’t think it’s healthy to be so completely driven by sex as some people seem to be. Who knows?

On my holiday I plan on making the most of any opportunities including potential visits to saunas which I’ve had plenty of fun doing over the years but for some reason not here in Sydney. Not for a long time anyway.

I guess everyone feels more relaxed and sexier when they’ve been in the sun, not working, not wearing much if anything at all and away from the grind of daily life. Three more sleeps and I’m on my way.