A few years back I submitted some photos of a black model to a website that showcases male nudes. Their reply said they don’t accept black models because their “subscribers don’t respond well”. The same is the case with a well known Australian gay magazine. They don’t put black or asian guys on their cover because sales literally plummet through the floor. 50% drop here in Australia and 70-80% internationally.

While I believed them and when it’s a commercially driven decision I guess I understand it. They have to make money but it’s messed up. I’ve released a few downloads of asian guys in the last year and a few black guys as well and I hate to say it, sales aren’t as high.

Last weekend’s release “PLASTIC” has literally sold 3-4 copies whereas other downloads sometimes sell 10-15 times that in the first week. I’m lucky that these downloads, while making me a little bit of money, I’m not relying on them for to make a living.

There doesn’t seem to be any other word for it but racism. There is no way to put a positive spin. Why are we so conditioned to only finding some racial groups sexy?