I have seven more sleeps til I fly out to Europe, and four more days of work trying not to slap people. It’s so close I can touch it but frustratingly far away.

It still doesn’t seem real to be honest. Sure I’ve paid thousands in flights and accommodation but until I wake up and don’t have to go to work, it won’t feel entirely real. Even once I get on the plane I still have about 36 hours until I arrive at my accommodation in Lisbon but on the way over there all that feels like an adventure.

There are still little things to organise, like getting in touch with the nude camp ground in Corsica to see if I need to book or just turn up. I need to let my banks know I’m going so they don’t flag any foreign transactions and all those other bits and pieces. On Monday I went and had all my sexual health checks and renewed my prescription for PrEP to make sure everything is extra safe while I travel.

After over 18 months without a real decent break from work, I’m so ready. In the meantime, revisit my vlog of Greece in 2017.