Conversations about relationships are always interesting. As someone that never seems to be able to find one it’s all theory to me so I am fascinated by the way other people handle things.

Someone I met recently is currently trying to see where things go with his ex. The ex wants him back and he is keen to try but he’s wary. Why is he wary? The ex cheated on him constantly and lied about it. Now the person telling me he wants to try again with the guy that cheated on him a lot is a lovely guy. Genuinely one of the good guys. Also very gorgeous.

Now he freely admits his family don’t like this guy. His friends don’t like the guy either. In fact he even used the word hate. There must be some serious chemistry to be so drawn to someone that you’ll put up with cheating and ignore the advice of everyone close to you to set yourself up to be hurt again. We’ve all been hopelessly infatuated with someone so it’s not hard to imagine.

To be cheated on would absolutely devastate me. My confidence in the dating romance world is already low and I’m not sure it would survive that.