Over the years I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to grow up with a brother instead of a sister or as well as a sister. Would I have been any more “butch” or would I be pretty much the same person but with a different or extra sibling?

There is a youtube channel called “Cut” where they do a range of really entertaining things like Fear Pong where two people, strangers, brothers, roommates etc play beer pong but with dares thrown in as well as drinking. It’s hella funny to watch, especially when they know each other.

In this one video I’ve just watched (below) two brothers play it together and you can tell they get on really well. At one point there is a quite tender moment when the older (and damn gorgeous) older big brother apologises to the younger one for bullying him and being mean when they were little.

Not excusing it but I feel like that is very typical older brother behaviour. Especially when it’s two boys. There would, I imagine be a constant power struggle in that dynamic unless they are just such different people that there is no competition.

The older brother in this video totally fits my clean cut boy next door goodness type that I’m so often attracted to.