Over the weekend one of my good mates sent me a link to the youtube video below. Not speaking Danish I had no idea what it was about but the thumbnail image was a pretty good indication that I was going to like it.

It turns out that the title translates to “Naked Race at Smukfest 2015”. A quick google tells me that Smukfest is a music festival held on the second weekend in August every year in a beech forest in Denmark. Apparently it’s this beautiful location that gives it the reputation for the most beautiful festival in Denmark. Maybe in location yes but I would say that any festival in Denmark is probably very beautiful. The Danes are absolutely the most beautiful nation of people in my eyes. Stunning people.

This race seems to be different to the other naked races I’ve seen online held at Scandinavian music festivals. They all seem to be running races but this one involves canoes and tents. I’m sure if I understood the language I’d have a better understanding of what is going on but all I need to know is that there are hot Danish men running around nude. I’m all for it.