Over a quick catch up dinner with friends tonight, we were discussing the writing class that one of them is doing and he mentioned that my bad date story had inspired one of his short stories. I laughed and told him that he’s going to have to be more specific as there are very many bad date stories to tell in my repertoire.

He mentioned a few details that he had remembered and I suddenly had flash backs to the date, the conversation, the total weirdness of this guy that I had completely forgotten about. It was such a hilariously bad date but in the 8 or so years since I’d completely let it slip from my memory.

I’ve actually been thinking about doing a vlog about dating. Maybe this is one of the stories that will be told. I haven’t been on a date in so long now and I miss it. Even when they are bad they at least make for good stories.

Maybe I’ll try harder to meet someone (somehow) when I get back from Europe. In the mean time I will enjoy the freedom of being so thoroughly single and the opportunities it affords me.