OK, by saying friends I might be over stating it, but Phoenix has modelled for me in a very popular download. A few days ago he rebranded his Instagram and teased us with news that he was releasing a song.

Well overnight that single and video were released and I love it. When a gay man says they are releasing a song, I don’t think it’s unfair to say that we probably all cringe a bit expecting a very cliched dance track with about as much to keep us interested as footage of Kim Kardashian eating a salad. This however was a very pleasant surprise. Sure, it’s probably not everyone’s taste but I really like it.

Phoenix has given himself the stage name of Frede (pronounced Fred) and gone with some bold, skimpy styling for the video but if you looked like him, you wouldn’t and shouldn’t wear much ever.

I’ve added the song to my 2019 playlist and I’m kinda hoping there are some awesome, slightly bonkers dark remixes of the song too.