With just three weeks until I fly off on my adventure and a fresh battle with Air BnB on my hands over my account, I’m in a position to make changes to part of my trip.

I had accommodation booked in Slovenia but AirBnB took it upon themselves to cancel it thinking it wasn’t a legitimate booking. They’ve also locked my account and essentially made it impossible for me to ever use them again which I am disputing. While long-term I would like to use them again, for this trip I’m now free to stay somewhere else in Slovenia.

It had been the plan to stay the entire week using Ljubljana, the capital as a base. Slovenia looks like it is beautiful just about anywhere but I’m not sure if I should just find new accommodation in Ljubljana or set my sights somewhere else. A day trip to Bled was already likely, but should I stay there for a night or two?

If any of you, my lovely readers, has any suggestions I’d LOVE to hear from you. Please leave a comment here or on the facebook post or email me directly. Obviously naked options are very much welcome but I’m not sure how nude Slovenia is.