Getting ready for a big international trip is always fun and there are a lot of things that I just don’t stress about. Have I got all the right clothes? Have I got this or that? Who knows? It can all be sorted out.

Apart from a slight hiccup with Air BnB at the moment, all my accommodation is booked and mostly paid for. Flights and ferries etc are sorted and the rest is up to my whim. It’s little things that I wonder about at this point, a few weeks out. Since I’ve pretty much resorted to keeping my hair buzzed really short due to a lack of coverage, I buzz it myself every week or two. I expect during my nearly 4 weeks away I’ll be finding a barber and hopefully communicating what I need at some point.

The other grooming I was thinking about is my downstairs regions. I shave my junk every week and keep the pubes trimmed nice and close but I won’t have access to any clippers so the bush may be a little fuller by the time I get back.

I’m so ready for this holiday. It’s cold and windy outside tonight. I can’t wait to get naked in the sunshine, tan my buns and feel the breeze in my bush. Maybe I’ll just shave the lot.