This weekend I’m taking Friday off work and heading a couple of hours south of Sydney to a beautiful spot called Kangaroo Valley. Some friends own a holiday rental house down there and occasionally book it themselves and go down with friends. It’s a magical spot with spectacular views.

Spending a weekend cooking and eating great food with friends, enjoying wines or beers overlooking the river having a laugh is the best way to relax. There is one thing that threatens to unsettle me. As is common with me, I’m going away with three couples. That’s right, I’m the seventh wheel. This usually means I’m sleeping on a fold out bed or inflatable mattress somewhere which I’m fine with but every now and then it gets to me.

This happens on family Easter trips as well. For many years now I’ve been sharing with my nephew. He’s really easy to share with but it’s the downside of being single. You never really get your own proper space.